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"Are you o.k. to bag your own shopping?" she mumbled. I wanted to say "No, i've got a hard on in my jeans and I want that woman over there to drop to knees in front of all of you and wank me off", but when I opened my mouth it came out as "No, i'm fine. I'll take a few bags though." Miss Annoying obliged, passed me some bags and began scanning my crap. I didn't concentrate too much on what I was meant to be doing, I was busy watching the White Rabbit two aisles down bending over and taking. ‘And you are going to keep me warm’, she said, throwing her arms around him, and pressing her body, with its goosebumps, against him. ‘Although you have to get out of those cold clothing to do that.’ ‘But, don’t you think…’ She kissed him, hard, enjoying the surprising softness of his lips. She broke the kiss. ‘But Princess…’ ‘But what?’ ‘I am meant to protect you, not use you…’ ‘You are meant to serve me. I gave you an order.’ ‘I could be punished if…’ ‘You could be punished for refusing my. 'Oh god,’ he thought to himself, ‘Anything but this.’Calvin spent the next forty minutes looking over the dossier that had been handed to him.Bruiser was large and ultra-masculine. In short, a complete wet dream for any queen into alpha males. He had an exquisitely proportioned muscular body and was ruggedly handsome. The only negative for Calvin was that Bruiser had cauliflower ears. The left ear was only slightly puffy, but the right ear was rather mangled and looked like a large dried pear.. We can meet and talk when I get back. All of this means that the wedding is off. I can’t marry you right now. I’m simply not ready and it would not be fair to take you into that situation. It’s not about you or us, it’s about me. I’m sorry. Julia.”I read it over twice, shaking my head as I tried to understand what she was saying.“Why are you doing this, Jules? I want you here, need you here. We can talk this out together,” I finally texted.“We’ll talk when I get back, Curt. We really will,” was.

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