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" Of course. I'll be in the other room." He excused himself and was smiling. Was he happy that it wasn't David?She quickly dialed her work number that it had to be her boss since it was so late on a Friday. The phone rang a few times before someone answered."Markus Architects and Engineers?" Mary Anne said in her professional, practiced voice."Mary Anne, it's Belle. I just got a call on my cell phone but wasn't able to answer it right away. Did Mr. Markus call me?" Oh Belle! Thank God!. “My life there wasn’t just good sex, although there was finally enough of that. I studied the nature of spirituality, religion, and the universe itself. The more I studied, the more I came to realize that God and the universe are one and the same ... the Creator and Source of everything. This isn’t a new idea and the Bible can be read with this in mind. The concept is called ‘pantheism’. You and me and everyone is made of, and is a part of, the wonderful whole, so ‘separateness’ isn’t. He had worked his charm on me, telling me how hot I looked and that I should live a little more, we were on holiday after all, and we didn't know anyone at the hotel.Terry had always been able to sweet-talk me. Making my inner submissiveness play out, but it was clear the swimsuit was not meant for a woman with my curves. The tiny triangles of sheer fabric panels barely covered my large areola and thumb-sized nipples on my F cup tits, and the stupid small triangle of material on the bottoms. He won. Jennifer was hired and I was told to train her in all aspects of my territory and my accounts. I tried to be civil to her, but I suspected she could feel I really didn't want her nosing around in my accounts. When we went on the road together she was a pain in my ass. She didn't know anything about hospitals and I had to explain each system to her, over and over. She just didn't seem to get it.OK you ask, then why did Jim hire Jennifer? Well I'll give him the fact that he wanted me to.

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Big Beautiful/

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