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He had a lot of affairs before marriage and after marriage too, he continued doing so.Shyam once got into a fight with a relative as he accused him of...groping his wife. I don’t know what the truth in that is. But they thought that was bothering me was how was Shyam going to behave towards Neha. I was afraid he would bring out his cheap behavior towards her while they are alone. But I really hoped nothing bad happened.(I want to change the narration style here and would include Sumit’s thoughts. .all the fantasies Wale could never have with his fiancee.She positioned herself on the table, with her legs spread wide, and said, 'I know she doesn't satisfy you, now come do with me all you want.' Wale, still surprised, got up like a zombie and started feasting on the pussy, Steph moaned loudly and said, 'Use me as your fuck toy, I'm here to give you everything that bitch can't.'Wale couldn't register any demeaning statement towards his fiancee, he was too busy devouring a pussy that. Rocky was still stiff as he slammed full force into his moms cunt. Nina reached orgasm as she got off her daughters face & began fist fucking Cindys wet cunt . It wasnt long before Cindy also achieved orgasm . So both Cindy & Nina rubbed their respective pussies gently as they watched their Master play with his other sex slaves.Chapter 1 -Rocky pulls outSheila was facially covered with her sons jizz as she french kissed Esperanza & Denise. Cindy was cleaning her husbands dink with her. Ashley was about to reveal her pussy until the phone started ringing. “Mom?” Ashley asked. Her mother was coming home early from the business trip “I’ll be there in about 10 minutes!” “Were just friends Hunter.” Ashley said as she hung up the phone. “I wanted to see if you would really let me do that.” Ashley was a bit upset. “Now go home.” “I’m sorry! I thought you were serious.” Hunter spoke. “See you tomorrow.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ashley put on her mother’s push up bra, along with a black.

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Bhabhi Sex/

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